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Cenote Sounds
Cenote Sounds


Cenote sounds are the underground jungle sound in Scotland, a collective originating from Galloway, who’s passion’s have brought them together to push heavy weight bass music through their hefty home grown sound system.

Cenote Sounds have started up their own events in both Dumfries (Rumble n Stumble: hosting acts such as Jamie Bostron, Mrs Magoo & Metragnome) and Glasgow (Jungle Testaments :hosting artists: Mandidextous, Kelvin 373, Stivs, Dj Hybrid, Ant TC1, Katch Pyro, T-menace, Metragnome, Too Greezey, Slinks, Dj Tez, Parly B) as well as being booked for other events including Audio Soup festival, Easy Skankin events plus more.

Cenote sounds are a multi genre DJ collective spanning from Dub/Ragga/DnB/Jungle/Ragga-tek featuring Roodboy,Octivist & Skatty Dreadz

Expect big tings when this sound is set up and look out for their DJ’s who bring the thunder each and every time!


Raggamuffin Roodboy -


Skatty Dreadz-


Geranium/Just Garry

Sound system is also available to hire for events and able to run bands through if required.


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